FRP septic tanks are a kind of FRP storage tanks specially designed for domestic sewage treatment. Manufactured by filament winding process with fiberglass as reinforcing agents and resin as binder, FRP septic tanks are a kind of composite products that have been actively promoted worldwide. Featured by lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance and mirror-like finish, all these benefits make its performance far beyond that of similar products made of ceramic, hard plastic, steel, etc. Compared with traditional septic tanks, FRP septic tanks are durable and not easy to leak


  • Cost saving. FRP septic tanks are manufactured in a factory, mechanized, batched and integrated manner.
  • Labor and time saving. FRP septic tanks are manufactured in an integral structure. Compared with concrete septic tanks, it requires no manual brickwork. All you need to do is to excavate a pit of the right size for installation, thus reducing the installation workload and time.
  • Land saving. FRP septic tanks saves land excavation area.
  • High efficiency. FRP septic tanks have good sealing performance and can process manure efficiently and offer more than 2 times of anaerobic decay effect than traditional septic tank.
  • Eco-friendly. FRP septic tanks are manufactured in an integral structure. As a result, it has good sealing performance and is free from leakage, surface water pollution, and does not corrode flowers, trees, electric wires and cables around the septic tank. High level siphon adsorption and drainage is adopted inside the FRP septic tanks to achieve multiple times of sediments and purification.
  • Durable: FRP septic tanks are made of new composite material fiberglass with excellent resistance to aging, acid and alkali and a long service life of up to 50 years.
  • High pressure and compressive strength resistance. International 50 steel resin seal elements are adopted for FRP septic tank sealing. In addition, all seal elements are made in cylindrical shape, which makes it offer higher pressure and compressive strength resistance than seal elements made in polygon and square.
  • Little late maintenance and long sludge cleaning period. FRP septic tanks are buried underground, no power, late maintenance and management are required.


FRP septic tanks are a supporting facility for the preliminary treatment of domestic sewage in residential buildings, office buildings, schools, nursing homes, workshops, rural living areas, etc.